Scottie Beamed Me Up!

Posted in Life Style on August 19, 2010 by Maria Maloof

I landed on the MOTHERSHIP known by Earthlings as Neiman Marcus. For as long as I can remember, I have had a gravitational pull towards my favorite department store…and my beacon lured me there this past Friday for a hip Fall fashion show. A trance like state ensued and here is what followed….

The guest list included a rather diverse crowd; Fabu fashionistas, some classy ladies and a couple of KLASSY BROADS. Catch my drift??? Wink, wink. In other words, just because a diva can spend some Benjamin’s…doesn’t mean she knows how to whip herself together. Guess it was a GOOD thing they came to the show.

Moving on from the guest list, there was a lovely spread of light bites and of course, cocktails…This IS Miami you know and a girl’s gotta have her bubbles to shop!

Fall fashions are not for the faint of heart. The must-haves are: Fur, leopard, lace, leather, pearls, SEQUINS, MORE SEQUINS and ALL OUT SEQUINS! Wanna be the talk of the town? Slide on a pair of sequined leggings with a top cut down to bare so you can sliver around town sashaying here and there.

Not feeling so brave, but still want to sparkle and shine? Try a tank sequined dress paired with a super soft leather bomber jacket embellished with a bit of faux fur. Finish this look with tights, ankle boots and hobo handbag.

“Not your Mother’s pearls” is the motto this season. Layer, layer, layer those necklaces both short and long…Try one of these looks, minus the price tags, of course. Duh!

One of the benefits of living in the warmth of the Sunshine state is it’s easy for die-hard fashion forward women to rock the shorts trend this season. Shorts are featured in sequins, wool and leather. Have long legs? Show-off your legs and shorts by sporting over-the-knee boots. You will be boot-i-licious!

For those who have to check in to the office, do not fret. There are polished looks that allow your inner fashion diva to say, “I am alive”! Look for suit jackets that have an added touch of femininity and add a ruffled blouse. P.S. Do not forget to invest in a flawless handbag. You’ll be ready to your thing.

March into the boardroom with these killer booties!

Featured clothing can be found at: the Contemporary Department of Neiman Marcus, Village of Merrick Park, Coral Gables, Florida. Want to know the designer of a particular item…give me a holler.

Ask Not What The Airlines Can Do for You, But, What You Can Do for the Airlines.

Posted in Life Style on August 13, 2010 by Maria Maloof

Today’s Miami Herald featured a story titled, “Higher Fees + Packed Planes = Angry Travelers.” There is absolutely noooooo question that traveling ever since the 9/11 attacks has proven challenging even for the most seasoned
jet-setters. However, instead of whining about the long lines through security, crowded planes, lousy food options…ask yourself what you can do to make your travel experience a First Class one.

Tips to SLIDE thru security:

1. Wear comfortable clothing.
2. Avoid wearing belt buckles, jewelry, hair accessories, etc. that will set off the detectors.
3. Wear slide-on shoes so you save time by not having to tie yours.
4. Wear socks so your feet do not touch the filthy airport floor.
5. Ensure you have the right size carry-on bag. Many luggage stores advertise carry-on’s that are not within airline regulations. The safe maximum size is 45″, in the form of a 22″ x 14″ x 9″ bag.
6. Passport/document case that can also hold your driver’s license, tickets, $1 and $5 bills for tipping skycaps, etc.
7. Review the following link for a list of items that are prohibited on planes and DO NOT PACK THEM:

Tips for on the plane:

1. Pack your own personal blow up pillow and throw.
2. Pack Wet Ones to disinfect your seat, armrests and the surrounding area.
3. Pack the appropriate size carry-on bag.
4. Pack a fresh and healthy sandwich, salad or your favorite snacks to avoid paying for and eating unhealthy and GROSS airport/airline food.
5. Pack protein bars to prevent low blood sugar in case your plane is delayed.
6. Pack Airborne so if you are seated by someone who is coughing up a lung you can do your best to prevent getting sick.

Miscellaneous travel tips:

1. Pack a folder that contains Xerox copies of your passport, driver’s license and credit cards in case they get lost or stolen. Be sure to stash in your purse or carry-on.
Imagine how much easier, faster, and smoother traveling would be if we all placed the above tips into action.

Sayonara…Happy Travels!

Lost that Lovin’ Feeling….?

Posted in Life Style on August 11, 2010 by Maria Maloof

Are you in a Jammie Rut? Perhaps, you don’t even own ANY jammies…maybe you sleep in sweats or beat up shorts and a t-shirt. Well ladies, “Pretty is as pretty does” and some of you aren’t looking so pretty at nightie time. I know we all need our “period panties”, but for Pete’s sake, or Tom, Dick or Harry for that matter…Make a small effort. Your significant other will notice and most importantly, it’ll make YOU feel good!

Remember, just because you wear beautiful lingerie or loungewear doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. The following options are feminine, soft and COMFORTABLE. As a matter of fact, some even camouflage our trouble spots. Nightie, night!

Cami & Short set $39 at Bella Bella Boutique, Miami, FL

Tank/Pants set $84 at Bella Bella Boutique, Miami, FL

Kimono $150 at Bella Bella Boutique, Miami, FL

Lunch Time Luxury

Posted in Life Style on August 10, 2010 by Maria Maloof

As a child, my Grandmother and Great Aunt owned a restaurant called, The Unicorn Tea Room. It was a splendid place that I always enjoyed going to for lunch. What I remember most about dining there was the presentation of the delectable sandwiches, festive salads and scrumptious desserts. Not only did everything taste good, but everything looked soooooo pretty as well. It made every morsel that converged upon my palette more enjoyable.

The problem with the above scenario is…it spoiled me! To this day, the meals I enjoy the most are the one’s with an appealing presentation. This does not necessarily mean fancy-schmancy; instead a meal that has been given some considerate thought as to arrangement and/or packaging. So how can you create your own comfort when perhaps you can’t leave your desk for lunch?

For starters, lose the paper bag! What on earth could be appealing about pulling out a smashed sandwich or a bruised apple out of a paper bag? Kids all across the country are heading back to school this month, but they aren’t the only one’s who need a new lunch box. Consider one of these three functional and practical options:

Cosmopolitan Lunch Tote for the Budget Fashionista $9.95 at

Rebel Green lunch totes with matching cloth napkin for the Environmentalist $24 at

Hadaki Lunch Totes $22.90 For the Trend Setter at

Next, move over plastic baggies and use one of these storage solutions instead:

Polka Dot set $22 at

Stripe Set $22 at

Then, in order to have a truly complete “eating at your desk make-over” think eco-friendly and special treat all wrapped into one: roll silverware in a cloth napkin. You help save a few trees and you won’t have to worry about bending your fork while you eat.

Lastly, if you are one of the fortunate few who still dine out for your lunch hour…consider gifting one of the above to a friend who isn’t so lucky.

Bon appétit!

Truth or Dare?

Posted in Life Style on August 9, 2010 by Maria Maloof

Ask yourself this simple question…When you dress for a special occasion (ie: date night, job interview, anniversary dinner, gala, etc.) do you truthfully play it safe or do you dare to suit yourself in a remarkable outfit that is reflective of your personality?

Allow me to take this concept a step further; in order to create a memorable look for an event, one needs a statement piece. Something with Ahhhh, Ohhhhh, WOW…I LAUVE IT factor! This also means sometimes you should step out of your comfort zone and take risks. You may not always score a hit, but practice makes FLAWLESS!

Strapped for moo-la these days? Making a statement does not require $$$ you may not have to make an impression. It could be as simple as dawning a vibrant color that you typically do not wear or a digging through your jewelry box and breaking out a vintage pin you inherited from your Grandmother.

Another suggestion is to look at what the premier designers are showcasing. We literally have the fashion world at our fingertips…so why not flip through magazines, luxe catalogs, internet surf or walk through a high end department store to catch ideas and mimic a striking look at whatever price point is comfortable for you.

We all have a bit of “work it girl” in us…sometimes it just needs a shot of courage to be discovered. Why not try one of these looks on for size?

Talk about a statement...Fabu!

These pants are smokin...HOT!

Date night chic

In the Line of Fire

Posted in Life Style on July 28, 2010 by Maria Maloof

To blog or not to blog?!? Hmmm, Sigh…That is the question…I have been pondering this very topic for quite some time. Perhaps it’s because there are a MILLION blogs and why would anyone want to read mine? It feels like a war zone of ideas fluttering about the universe and mine would just be one tiny, stray bullet going out into the stratosphere. Well, by golly, I have MILLION things to say so I am going to enter the combat zone and fire away. So keep your heads down troops or you will be in the line of fire!

This leads me to my first topic of thought. The Military Trend for Fall/Winter fashion. As a former United States Marine this carry over influence from Spring for the upcoming months has me utterly jazzed! I am ready to break open my sea bag, pull out my stash of uniforms and rush them over to Bertha, The Tailor extraordinaire (whom my darling friend, Lauren keeps in business) so she can transform them into Military Haute Couture. Voila! Talk about authentic. Well, assuming I can stuff myself into them like a bride going into Filene’s Basement for a sample sale. Ok, let me get back on track….Green is definitely the go to hue. As is anything with brass buttons, cargo pants, and lace up leather boots. Be sure once you find your inner drill sergeant to add feminine touches to make your look chic. Add a lacy blouse to cargo pants or wear a leather jacket with a frilly dress/shirt and add trendy thigh high boots. Whatever you do, be sure to march to the beat of your own drum. I know I do and my kid does too!

In case you need help visualizing: